Le patio

welcomeRiad Ghita Palace

The patio On the ground floor is the patio is a large open courtyard, generating a cool microclimate, the upper floors are decorated with overhanging mosaics and carved pillars giving the patio a look that is both personal and social. In the courtyard, there is the lounge with a library to enrich the knowledge on the city of Fez, its regions and also to know the history of Riads in Morocco and art history. The ADARISA suite and Reception desk of the Riad Ghita Palace. An Internet Connection desk is at your disposal in the reception area. All guests of the riad couls benefit from that and our technical assistant is available for any further information. A mosaic-decorated fountain nestled the heart of the patio. You can enjoy a rich and generous breakfast and a lovely and delicious dinner in the pation patterned with the Carrara marbre. The Adarissa suite is benefitting from all these facilities and makes your stay very enjoyable.