Welcometo ryad Palace in Fez- Morocco

The spiritual capital of Morocco has typical habitat called Riads. The Riad Ghita Palace is one of the oldest guest houses, a hidden gem in the old Medina of Fes marvels- Rcif in the neighborhood, in the heart the medina of Fes, known for its souks and narrow streets that go far back in time. Riad Ghita Palace is accessible by car. With a secured parking lot- 2 minutes’ walk from the Riad, you could wonderfully be inside the beautifully restored 16th century Moorish Palace: Riad Ghita Palace. This Guest House Nestled in a narrow streetway within a 5-minute walk of Fès Medina, the charming Guest House Riad Ghita Palace- Fès blends all the ingredients making for an unforgettable travelling experience to Morocco: beautiful exotic setting, warm Moroccan hospitality and great food. The welcoming Guest House Riad Ghita Palace- Fès features 3 lovely double rooms and 4 spacious suites, decorated in Moroccan traditional style, yet equipped with all the modern comforts, to ensure guests a pleasant stay in Fès. The Palace has been restored in the Andalusian art style to become an Andalusian palace and host visitors driven by research and the intellectual and architectural knowledge. The work of artists (maalems) and architects has made of Riad Ghita Palace- Fès a unique model an oriental paradise.


Riad ghita-palace - Le patio

On the ground floor is the patio is a large open courtyard, generating a cool microclimate, the upper floors are decorated with overhanging mosaics and carved pillars giving the patio a look that is both personal


The ALYA SUITE is one of the very nice rooms on the 2nd floor. The suite is royally spacious and quiet. The ceiling is decorated with carved plaster and stucco plastering artifact manually


Located on the ground floor open onto the patio of the riad, the ADARISSA SUITE is royally spacious and quiet like the other suites. It is richly ornamented in an Arabo-Andalusian style.


Located on the 1st floor, the suite is a lovely double bed demeure with a sitting area ornamented with coffee table. The Ahlam Suite is marked by an Arabo-Andalusian decorated style.


Located on the 1st floor, richly decorated in the Arab-Andalusian fashion. The ceiling is carved with cedar wood and the walls and floor are mosaic made tainted with the blue of Fez.


The HAJAR SUITE is located on the 2nd floor. It is a double bed suite. It is very clean and quiet. It is decorated in Moroccan traditional style, yet equipped with all the modern comforts


The 16th Century restored palace, Riad Ghita Palace has located the Albartal room on the 1st floor. This suite richly decorated in an Arabo-Andalusian trend is richly equipped with satellite TV


Morocco is known for its highly rich cuisine and the variety of the delights we could enjoy. Morocco is internationally ranked 3rd in the culinary arts. The Fassi gastronomy is one of the most highly known